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Venezuelans in the United States

The Venezuelan-American Caucus is a grassroots organization dedicated to building an infrastructure of active and informed Venezuelan-American citizens with the purpose of ensuring our participation and engagement in the drafting and implementation of U.S. domestic and foreign policy.


Grassroots Activation

We build multi-cultural, community-driven coalitions to support the interests of the Venezuelan community across the United States. This includes far-reaching media, field, and strategic campaigns.

Fighting Disinformation

We believe that an informed public is the key a strong democracy. To that end, we work to combat disinformation and misinformation in the Venezuelan and Latino communities.

Policy Advocacy

We advocate for common sense and forward-thinking policies that empower the Venezuelan community. We've  successfully advocated for the granting of TPS for Venezuelan nationals living in the United States.


Venezuelans deserve a thriving democratic system that ensures a prosperous future for all. The United States must continue to work to advance the values of democracy and freedom in Venezuela.

Venezuelans in the United States rally for democracy in Venezuela


Venezuelans in the united states rally for humanitarian aid

Humanitarian aid for Venezuelans in the form of medicines, vaccines, and food is long overdue. The international community has a moral responsibility to provide humanitarian relief to those in Venezuela.

Venezuelan and other immigrants in the United States need a pathway to citizenship in order to continue contributing to our country's social and economic success permanently.

Venezuelan American Caucus
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